Congratulations on your acceptance to 十大正规网赌平台 and welcome to Bobcat 国家! 作为一名入境者 一年级新生,大一新生,转校生,临时学生 or POSTBACCALAUREATE student, you’ll need to complete the next steps for accepted students listed below. 


尽快完成这些步骤 after you’ve been accepted to East Georgia 状态 so you’ll be ready for the first 上课日.

Upon acceptance to 十大正规网赌平台, you are issued a unique myEGSC username. Please note your username can be recognized as the first portion of your email address 在@符号之前. 例如,邮箱地址为“jsmith123@ega”.然后是 用户名为jsmith123. 要查找您的用户名,请访问 myEGSC帮助页面上的文章.

Should you have any trouble accessing your account, please contact the IT help desk 电话:478-289-2004或 csworkFREEOMNIUPDATE.

你的用户名和你的学号不一样. 你的学号是 你的录取通知书上的九位数字. 大概需要48到72分钟 hours before you can use your new username to access the student systems.

登录到 myEGSC, East Georgia’s student information portal, for information about your student file, 注册、经济援助、顾问、成绩等等.

For the security of your account, please refer to the Student Account Setup email sent to your personal email for detailed instructions on your initial password.

If you need further assistance, please contact EGSC IT 电话:478-289-2004或 csworkFREEOMNIUPDATE.

Make sure to explore all the tools, applications, and learn to navigate the portal 所以你们会熟悉它的用法.

登入你的 CatMail学生电子邮件帐户 (through Office 365), the official form of communication for information regarding 定向、注册、课程信息和计费.


Our 取向 modules are an efficient, virtual introduction to life at East Georgia 状态. Once you complete virtual 取向, you’ll be prompted to submit a pre-registration survey AND register for an in-person 新生迎新 (NSO) date. 新学生 are not able to register themselves for classes and must attend NSO to get a schedule.

参观 定位页面 开始吧.


开始你的FAFSA申请吧 但一定要加上 东乔治亚州的FAFSA代码为 010997

This application will determine if you’re eligible for all federal and state aid programs. You’re encouraged to submit a FAFSA, even if you think you’re not eligible for federal aid programs, because this application will review your eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship 以及其他经济援助机会. 

请访问我们的财政援助网站了解有关的信息 奖学金.

如果你想住在校内宿舍,请访问 住房页面. On-校园 housing is currently only available to students attending the Swainsboro 校园. 

Students attending the 状态sboro or Augusta locations will need to obtain housing 他们自己.

You must provide verification of lawful presence in the United 状态s to receive in-state 学费. 按照概述的具体步骤进行操作.

有关可接受的文档列表,请访问 核实合法存在 页面.

请参考你的正式录取通知书. 如果你被归类为外州 and wish to receive instate 学费, you must complete a Residency Correction form 或适当的弃权书以及所需的文件. 欲了解更多信息,请 请致电478-289-2017招生办公室.

Waivers: 如果你有12个月 consecutive residence in Aiken or Edgefield County, 南卡罗来纳,你应该填一份边境县豁免表格. 如果你有12个月 consecutive residence in Alabama, Florida, or South Carolina, you should complete 边境州豁免表格. 如果你是一名军人,你也可能是 有资格获得豁免. 有关豁免的更多信息,请访问我们的 豁免和学费分类 页面.

没有参加ACT/SAT考试的学生 OR have taken the ACT/SAT and submitted scores that do not meet minimum requirements will be automatically placed in Learning Support co-requisite courses in English and 数学. Students must take the Accuplacer to ensure proper course registration.

Exams must be taken prior to the start of the term and cannot be taken after enrolling 在学术课程中. 任何和所有ACT/SAT考试成绩必须提交审查.


尽快完成这些步骤 after you’ve been accepted to East Georgia 状态 so you’ll be ready for the first 上课日.

Immunizations are required for MMR, Tetanus/Diphtheria, Varicella and Hepatitis B. If you’ll be living on 校园, you must also obtain the Meningitis/Meningococcal (MENI) 疫苗。. 点击 下载所需表格.

Students who are enrolled in fully online distance learning programs can submit and 只要他们只注册就可以豁免 全十大正规网赌平台课程.  Distance education students who enroll in an on-校园 course or a course offered at a 校园 managed facility will be excluded from class until proof of immunization 提交.

*Religious, military, and online only exemptions will need to complete the exemption 部分位于免疫表格第1页底部.

财政援助办公室使用 CampusLogic to assist students that are chosen for verification or have conflicting information 从他们的FAFSA的结果. 所有学生必须激活他们的CampusLogic帐户 通过使用他们的myEGSC凭证. 家长/监护人可能也需要一个帐户来进行电子签名 学生所需的任何文件. 


If you have taken the ACT or SAT, please request a score report to ensure proper Academic 注册课程前的安排.

If you have taken the AP, IB, or CLEP, please request a score report to receive college 在注册课程之前获得学分. 

Review your financial aid award in Banner Web in the Financial Aid tab. 你必须接受/拒绝 需要时提供援助. 检查剩余的到期余额,并准备支付你的账单 第一天上课. 

十大正规网赌平台: 联系财务援助(ega).edu)
周一至周五,上午8点.m.-5 p.m.

In order for your financial aid funds to be used to pay for your 学费 and 费用 or to be used in the book store (electronic Book Voucher) you must first "Authorize" 十大正规网赌平台用你的资金支付你的账户. 联邦援助和 希望援助是单独授权的. 如果你选择不让EGSC使用你的财务 aid for 学费 and fees, you will be required to pay out of pocket any 学费 and 在缴费截止日期之前所欠的费用,否则你的课程将被取消. 

Before you can register for classes, you will need to complete the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement, which acknowledges your understanding that you are responsible 用于支付所有学费、杂费和其他相关费用.


Your CatCard is your official student ID card and can be obtained at 取向 after 你已经注册了课程. 请浏览 提交学生证照片 浏览更多信息.

出示所有学分和高中毕业日期. 提交正式的学院 transcript if you attended another university or college through a dual enrollment 公布最终成绩的课程.

军事 personnel, their spouses, and their dependent children may be able to receive 来支付他们在东乔治亚的学费. 欲了解更多信息,请 请浏览 退伍军人和军人页面.
东乔治亚州致力于为残疾学生提供便利. 如果你有残疾 and require special services, please contacting the Office of Counseling and Disability 服务电话:478-289-2039.

学费 payment plans break down your 学费 balance into affordable monthly payments. There’s no interest, payment options are flexible, setup fees are affordable, and 注册很容易! 第一次没有收到经济援助的学生 day of class or on move-in day, or those that that plan on paying out of pocket for their 学费 are encouraged to register for the Nelnet 学费 payment plan to prevent 被他们的班级除名.

This can only be done once the student has been registered for classes.

让你自己熟悉我们的许多 学生社团和组织 在我们三个校区中的任何一个. 从下棋到领导力再到表演 艺术和政治,每个兴趣都有一个小组.